Meet us

Catherine & Andrew

"Hiya, We are Catherine and Andrew, Rose’s Mam and Dad and co-founders of Rose’s Way Foundation.

We met in 2003 and  got married in September 2010. Not perfect, but happy and life has been like a rollercoaster for us over the years, but 2020 has certainly been the worst.

Our family and making memories mean everything to us. Rose brought so much joy to our lives, Rose was only with us for a short stay, she taught us so much, her strength, determination and love lives on in us.  We vow that our beautiful girl’s suffering has not been in vain.”

We have created Rose’s Way Foundation after our gorgeous Rose Elizabeth Jeans (aka our Rosie Bear) grew her wings on 13th February 2020, in such a quick and cruel way, just two days after her first birthday.

Everything was always on Rose’s terms and Rose’s way, from who she wanted to be held by, (gaining her the title of our Little Miss Unsociable), to how she never displayed any significant symptoms’ to enable doctor’s to help diagnose her sooner. So as her parents, we found it fitting to name a charity with Rose’s independent and strong willed ways in mind.

We aim to walk side-by-side with families like our own, who are living a parent’s worst nightmare. Supporting them both emotionally and financially. By doing it Rose’s Way!

We have a long way to go to be able to be fully functional and supporting those like us, but the support and awareness from our followers, like you reading this, will enable us to achieve this and help keep our beautiful girl’s legacy alive. We are blessed with amazing friends and family, our army as we call them, who have been with us every step of the way. Not every family with terminally ill children or those bereaved like us are lucky to have the army we have, we can be that army for other families and walk with them on their journey."

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